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Our name
why we chose why.
Because WHY, is a great way to start. 
It is the emotional fuel that a brand can 
harness to launch it along for a joyride. 
It explains the reason your brand exists 
and how it motivates your audience.

A brand is all the positive physical and 
emotional brand attributes combined 
into a consistent, memorable experience 
with a product or service. 
Advertising and storytelling play a big role.

We all love a great story. 
Great brands tell significant stories that 
inspire a passion for life and illustrate 
the WHY and the how behind the product.

That is WHY our goal is to help you tell your brand story.
We are a family full of dreamers and thinkers 
who have a vision for making a better 
environment for all creatives locally and 
globally, and helping business owners to 
transform their dreams into brands 
that can talk.

As individuals, we worked before with lots of 
people that didn’t have the courage to 
accomplish anything they wanted, 
so we gathered to make a studio 
that will change businesses and help them 
clearly express their core message 
to their audience.

WHY is a family, WHY is a story that will be 
told with every client we will work with, 
WHY is a community where creatives will 
meet and share their thoughts and vision to 
help people tell their brand story.

WHY is made for us, WHY is made for you.
Design is the last thing.
From brand and communications strategy 
to visual identity design and content 
creation, our creative ability and dedication 
to hard work will help you tell your brand 
story, trust us to deliver the solid brand 
foundation and originality you need to 
connect with your audience.

To establish a deep connection with 
your audience, we start by digging in 
deep to get to the heart of what matters 
most about you, and present a detailed 
plan for engaging your audience.

From there, we’ll get to work with our 
powerful and inspiring creative tools, 
with expertise in copywriting, design, 
videography, illustration, and more. 
We’ll create the content you need to 
make a true, practical connection with 
your target audience.

No matter the challenge, we're here to help.
What Why 
believes in
We are your strategic and
media partner.
WHY cares about your brand and 
its visual and marketing appearance. 
We will help you communicate more 
with your audience and display your 
various services and deliver your 
message in the simplest, easiest 
and most effective form possible.
Our Values
At WHY, we see ourselves as an extended 
arm of the client’s business. 
It doesn’t matter if you’re a small startup, 
or an experienced corporation, we approach 
every project with the same enthusiasm, 
professionalism, and passion to tackle 
challenges and make things even better.
What why loves 
working on
Whether a company is growing or new to 
the industry, we work with businesses and 
organizations of all sizes to clarify their 
purpose, find their voice, understand their 
customers, and define their goals.

So much more than a pretty logo. 
It is the research that goes into studying 
and  understanding your demographic, 
creating your brand message, and 
connecting it with your target audience.
With the right attributes, we create unique 
brand visuals that amplify your voice 
as a business.

Applying motion design helps you
raise your brand awareness, increase 
people's curiosity in what you’re doing 
and why, causing the urge to buy 
products, or services, and prompt them 
to take actions.

Not only are pictures important, 
video has also become an imperative tool 
in creating engaging content.
Well-produced photographs and videos 
give you the ability to connect with 
your clients on a new level.

Whether the content is for 
Print, Digital, Web, or Social.
We’ll produce energetic, targeted content 
on your behalf, ensuring your brand’s 
voice and personality can shine through. 
Interested in working with us?
Start with WHY.
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